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Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is vital to securing the life you want to live beyond work. Retirement is no longer defined by sitting in a rocking chair. You choose what you do…
• Have you set aside enough money to retire?
• Do you know how much money you will need to live your lifestyle?
• Is there enough money to pay off the mortgage?

Education Planning

Education is the most important tool you can give your child. According to Statistics Canada, the average university graduate will earn double that of the average person with a high school education. Post secondary education, no matter what the field of study, in a necessity for your child’s dreams to come true.
• Are you aware of the rising cost of education?
• Government education grants up to a $7,200 per child are available
• On Average, Education costs rise faster than inflation

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of arranging for the passing of your estate. Planning eliminates the unknown and is essential part of your life plan. The government controls your estate if not clearly defined… Have you considered your estate transfer?
• Are you aware of the tax implications of your Estate?
• How long does an estate transfer take?
• Who controls your estate now?
• What assets are being passed?
• Are your beneficiaries protected?

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